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Referred Pet Owners

Information for owners of pets referred to Dovecote Veterinary Hospital.

Please be assured that whilst your pet is in our care, we will aim to provide the very highest standards of service to both you and your pet. We know that this can be a worrying time, so please feel free to speak to any of our staff if you have specific concerns or questions.

So that you have one less thing to think about, we’ve put together some information that might be of use if your pet is referred to us.

Before you arrive

Before you arrive:

Before you arrive, you’ll need to bring with you:

  • Insurance documents
  • Any documentation given to you by your vet

If you have any questions about your pet’s treatment, please feel free to call us on 01332 812500

On arrival

On arrival:

Most pets seen at Dovecote Veterinary Hospital are admitted as day patients, though some pets will require an overnight stay.

Please bring your current up to date insurance policy details and a claim form signed by the policy holder.

A veterinary surgeon will examine your pet and (in most cases) give him/her a sedative injection to pre-medicate the animal before anaesthetic (if applicable) and to make him/her feel more relaxed in the hospital kennel.

Please note that with the exception of emergencies, referral clients are seen in strict order of their appointment times, so if you have arrived early you may have a wait. Tea and coffee are available, as are toilet facilities. If you are concerned that your pet is becoming distressed please speak to the receptionist or a nurse and we will do our best to make them comfortable.

Please ensure that we have all relevant contact numbers, in case we need to speak to you during the day

On departure

On departure:

The receptionist will make a provisional appointment for you to collect your pet. Please ring us between 4pm and 4.30pm to confirm the appointment, unless we have made a specific arrangement to ring you. The number to use is 01332 812500. When you collect your pet, the vet will see you and show you any X-rays or other images that may have been made, and may give you copies to take to your own vet. The procedure and its outcome will be explained, and you will be given instructions and advice about postoperative care.

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