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Detailed below is a list of our common fees. The veterinary surgeon will always discuss the specific costs for your pet with you, and give estimates before any procedure is undertaken.

Cat vaccinations

  • Primary – £85.80
  • Primary incl FeLV – £122.40
  • Booster – £55.20
  • Booster incl FeLV – £73.20

Dog vaccinations

  • Primary – £97.80
  • Primary & Kennel Cough – £112.82
  • Booster – £58.80
  • Booster & Kennel Cough – £83.29
  • Kennel Cough only – £33.00


  • Spay Bitch – from £364.80
  • Castrate Dog – from £232.20
  • Spay Cat – £119.40
  • Castrate Cat – £71.40

Healthy Pet Club (HPC)

Preventative medicine including vaccination, flea control, worming and many other benefits. Contact reception for full details.

  • Dogs from £10.99/month
  • Cats from £10.99/month

We ask for payment in full at the time of consultation or collection of the animal. We accept cash, debit and most major credit cards, with the exception of American Express.

We strongly recommend that our clients take out health insurance in order that we never have to compromise the treatment given on cost grounds. We do not profit ourselves from the insurance process, but experience has shown that comprehensive insurance cover provides both peace of mind and financial security should the unthinkable happen.

We are often asked about direct claims and these are available but only by prior arrangement with Dovecote Veterinary Hospital. We reserve the right to refuse direct claims on some policies.

If you are claiming treatment costs back under your insurance policy please bring your policy details and a claim form signed by the policy holder. Claim forms are completed free of charge and sent directly to your insurance company, usually within seven to 10 days.

At all stages the primary responsibility for the pet’s account remains with the pet owner even if the pet is insured, as some policies may not pay for all of the treatments.

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Clients have said
  • To Mark, nurses and all support staff.  Thank you so much for everything and looking after our little Obi’

  • ‘Thank you, with loads of doggy lurve from Pickle’

  • ‘a BIG thank you to you all for getting Jasper back on his feet’.

  • ‘For all at Dovecote, Thank you so much for all your skill, love and attention for Charlie and for all you patience and counselling for us’

  • ‘Bruce and all the team, we just want to say thank you so much for all the love and care over the years’

  • ‘Jed is so well cared for at Dovecote and all his aunties on reception give him so much love.’

  • ‘For the thoroughness, efficiency and care with which you treated our little Poppett’

  • Thank you so much for looking after our precious little Holly, and for looking after us too!’

  • ‘We truly can’t thank you enough for all your kind care for Darcie’

  • ‘Whether making an appointment, seeing (in our case Naomi) we have been made to feel very welcome and part of the Dovecote family’