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Fees are calculated according to the procedure undertaken, including consultation, any necessary investigation, medication and surgical procedures. They can vary considerably according to what is required. Some examples for referred clients are given here, and for local clients there is a notice in reception with details of our common fees. The Veterinary Surgeon will always discuss the specific costs for your pet with you, before any procedure is undertaken.


  • £327.60 – Neurology, Orthopaedics, Soft Tissue Referral Consultation
  • £438.13 – Oncology Referral Consultation
  • £310.00 – Dermatology consultation including skin scrapes/cytology

For emergency and out of hours surcharges please contact us.

Estimates of the range of professional fees of our most frequent procedures (Including VAT):

Neurology Investigation – Brain (including consultation, anaesthesia, imaging, CSF) £2150-£2450
Neurology Investigation – Spine (including consultation, anaesthesia, imaging, CSF) £2500-£2800
Routine Spinal Surgery (excluding investigation) £2500-£3000
General X-rays/ Hip Assessment (including consultation, anaesthesia) £650-£780
Forelimb Lameness Investigation (including consultation, anaesthesia, imaging, CT taps) £700-£1500
Arthroscopy (excluding investigation) £950-£1300
TPLO/TTA (including consultation, anaesthesia, implants) £3400-£3800
Luxating Patella (including consultation, anaesthesia, imaging, implants) £2000-£2500
Fracture Repair (excluding investigation) From £1500 upwards
THR Surgery (excludes investigation) £5500-£6500
Post operative x-rays (including anaesthesia ) £220-£460
Video Otoscopy (including consultation, anaesthesia, scrapes and cytology) £1000-£1250
Soft tissue  Investigations (including consultation, anaesthesia, imaging) £1500-£1800
BOAS Surgery (excludes investigation) £2500-£3000
Oncology Investigations (Tumour staging – including consultation, anaesthesia, imaging) £1500-£1800
Oncology Investigations (including consultation, anaesthesia, imaging, Biopsies and Lab fees) £2000-£2800


We ask for payment in full at the time of consultation or collection of the animal. We accept cash, debit and most major credit cards, with the exception of American Express.

We strongly recommend that our clients take out health insurance in order that we never have to compromise the treatment given on cost grounds. We do not profit ourselves from the insurance process, but experience has shown that comprehensive insurance cover provides both peace of mind and financial security should the unthinkable happen.

We are often asked about direct claims and these are available but only by prior arrangements with Dovecote Veterinary Hospital. We reserve the right to refuse direct claims on some policies.

If you are claiming treatment costs back under your insurance policy please bring your policy details and a claim form signed by the policy holder. Claim forms are completed free of charge and sent directly to your insurance company, usually within seven to 10 days.

The primary responsibility of the account remains with the pet owner, even if the pet is insured. Some policies may not pay for all of the treatments.

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Clients have said
  • The Supervets of the north!

  • I just wanted to say how amazing Kimberly was today with me and my dog Rolo. She could see how upset I was, made me feel at ease and reassured me that Rolo would be okay. Her level of professionalism and kind nature helped me get through a difficult day

  • I work as a registered vet nurse and had to come to Dovecote with my dog Alfie. I was squeezed in and was seen promptly by Sergio right after a long operation. He was so kind to Alfie and explained everything to my mom (who is not vet trained) and did Alfie’s MRI there and then even though it was going to make it a late finish. Unfortunately we had to make the call to put my lovely boy to sleep and Sergio and the nurses were really kind and helpful. I received your lovely card today and want to thank you all for your help and seeing him so quickly. I will be forever grateful.

  • Receptionists, physio, nurses and vets were all fantastic, every single member of staff is worth their weight in gold.

  • Everyone has always been so kind and Charlie absolutely loves his visits. The receptionists are particularly wonderful and are always on hand with a box of tissues for the numerous tears we’ve shed.

  • Lovely, caring staff, who go the extra mile. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  • Think ‘The Supervet’ and that’s the level of care and professionalism. Highly recommend

  • Whole team were welcoming and made myself and my cat feel very comfortable! Mark Lowrie is fantastic!! Thank you for coping with me as a worried owner!

  • I had a very positive experience at Dovecote. I met the vet that day that was going to perform my dog’s surgery and I was immediately put at ease by his professional, friendly and caring consultation. All the staff I came in contact with were lovely, from the welcoming reception staff to the nurses I kept ringing through the evening! My dog is now back to her normal naughty self, I can’t thank them enough.

  • Really good consultation with neurologist Sergio today with CT and MRI scan. Very well organised with helpful, professional staff.